Spyda The Philosopher

Ummmm where should I start, I have to keep in mind to keep this short. Ummm lets see...
...Born n' Raised in Houston, TX
-Mo. City To Be Exact
...Current College Student
-Grambling State University
-Majoring in Kenisiology
...I do write and enjoy reading poetry
... Good Music Supporter. Signed and Unsigned artist. If you make good music and I vibe with it, I support it.
(#shoutout Ashton Travis and SQWA Pro)
Both come straight out the Mo. By the way.
...Just a young fool tryna make sure I dont become an old fool.

Ask me whatever you want. Brace yourself for every answer you get.

"Its not about how long it takes you to get to the top, but rather about how long you stay at the top."